Saturday, December 6, 2008


I made the mistake of falling in love almost nine years ago. It was the one and only time for me.. I fell in love with Police Chief Larry Jackson of Polo Missouri. When I met him, I thought he was the most amazing man I had ever met, even tho' he was ten years younger than me. That should've been my first clue. He knew how to look at me and what to say to make me love him, he is good at deception. Every word that man said to me was a lie. It just took me a while to find out. As soon as he got me where he wanted me, living with him, he turned into the most controlling asshole I had ever met. He used to scream at my two girls for anything and everything. If they talked too loud, or sang, or even for watching tv. He called my oldest daughter a whore and a slut and told her she was ugly and a bitch and the same with my youngest except he loved to call her stupid, because she didn't get the best of grades. This is the only man my girls have ever called dad except their father. They absolutely loved Larry. Both of my girls are still virgins, so how he could say that shit to them I don't know. I helped pay for Larry's schooling to become a damned cop and two weeks after he graduated, he left me and went to his mommy's. He had been lying to me on a regular basis for three years by then and I kept catching the lies. At that time he had only body slammed me one time, down in Tennessee, of course my kids called the cops, but Larry was trying to get custody of his son and I didn't want to mess that up for him, so I blew it off when they got there. I knew it would happen again, I was just hoping it wouldn't. Two weeks after he moved back to his mommy's, I moved up to Hamilton so we could get back together. That was in January of 2002. By May the 20th of 2002 my sister called the cops on him again for screaming and threatening to kill me and my girls again. Of course he was a deputy sheriff of caldwell county at the time so it got swept away somehow. But the city of Hamilton still has the report that I filed against him. We split up for eight months that time but were still seeing each other exclusively, (at least that was what I was told), and I found out that he was sleeping with Holly Milligan, a dispatcher for the county and the very next day he begged me to come back, I didn't know who it was that he was with yet so I did. Damn, I had to run to the clinic and make sure he hadn't given me an std when I did find out. He never uses a condom, EVER. Six months later I found out that he was cheating on me with a girl named Bobby Lynn, who every had also been with in the country. Once again, a trip to the clinic. We moved back in together and two months later he is getting texts from another dispatcher who he swears he wasn't sleeping with, but I know Larry. He used to come to my house on duty just to have sex, and Hollys and Bobby's, so I put nothing past him to have been having sex in the sheriffs office when they were the only ones on duty. Six months after that, he threw headbutted me and bit my face and smashed my face, because he kept calling me a whore and slut and I kept trying to tell him I wasn't gonna fight and he got mad. Keep in mind that I have never cheated on this man yet. But I'm the one getting called dirty names. Every time I cried he would laugh at me. He started taking dirty pictures of me when I was asleep on his phone. Not too long after that he started getting the texts from another girl, I got mad and started crying so he threw me in the floor and started choking me then stood up and stomped on me. I had my cousin come in that same day and start helping me get my stuff, but Larry came home and asked me to stay. I absolutely gave my heart and soul to this man, so like an idiot, I stayed. We moved over to Polo in August of 2007 right before school started and he was made Chief of Police there. He made sure to put everything in his name there so I kept getting told it was his house, not ours. By November, his mother needed a place to stay so Larry started getting meaner and meaner to me and my kids. He is first and foremost a momma's boy. All the way. If she says jump, he automatically starts jumping. I left the 29th Of November 2007 because my kids could do nothing at all without him screaming right in their faces or calling them names. I was to be totally isolated from everyone, my family and all or I was a bitch, cunt, whore, and slut. It had been that way for four years. If I talked to my sisters,then I didn't love Larry. He needs to be the only person that you talk to or he thinks you don't love him. For three days after I left him, he called me constantly till I finally answered the phone. He was begging me to work on us and work it out. Needless to say I still loved him and said ok. One month later he cheated on me with Nikki Ritchie, another dispatcher from his job. But still I stayed and tried. All the while, he was still getting meaner and meaner. And coming to my house for about six hours a week, long enough to have sex and sleep. The one time I went back to his place, he videotaped us having sex without me knowing it. That is illegal, but since he became a cop, he thinks he can get away with anything. On my birthday this year 2008, we had been living separately, but still together for ten months, he slept with Jenny Ball of Polo. Everyone knows that she has slept with anything walking, two or four legged. If Larry says he wouldn't touch a gil because she is too ugly or a whore or nasty? You can bet your ass, he is sleeping with her. Because he said that about everyone of those dirty skanks I caught him with. Now the funny part of all of this is, Larry is half black, so you would think that he would have something to show? He is endowed with a 4.2 in penis, and that is completely hard. I know, I measured it for eight years and each time I thought I must have got it wrong, but I didn't. It came out the same every time. It is no bigger around than his thumb. Why would he be so proud to show that? It is under a 260lb belly. I always thought he was beautiful whenever I looked at him, because I was in love with him. But after I finally stepped back and started looking at it objectively? I was there when he stole a 60 in big screen tv from his last job with Rent Way in Springfield Mo., I told him I didn't want any part of that but he brought it into the house anyway, cuz what Larry wants, Larry takes. He sold it or gave it away to one of his friends when I found out about Bobby cuz he was scared I would tell on him. As of right now, Larry is living in his house in Polo with his mommy and some known crack head whore and her two kids. I know Larry very well, if there is a hole around, his penis is going in it. This is not his girlfriend tho'. She is from another town and doesn't realize that his needs are getting met by the skank in his house. I asked him about his new girl, he said that I would think she is a skank and so would everyone else, but he didn't have to fight with her so he liked her. I asked him if she was prettier than me and he said No. I asked if she was better in bed and he said No, but she didn't argue with him. I said yet!!! He loves to argue. He will start a fight just so he can go out and screw someone else and then blame it on you. I have listened to him talk shit about everyone he works with,or has worked with. The new sheriff of Caldwell, he literally hates and talks horribly about. And most of the deputies. God I wish I had recorded those conversations like I did his voicemails to me. Most of the people in Polo he despises, he says they are all racists assholes, and that he doesn't give a damn about anyone there. He fired his last police officer for alledgedly doing the exact same thing that he himself is doing. Larry is working an extra ten hours of overtime a week for no reason other than to get extra money, ands he doesn't even bring in revenue to the town to pay for the new truck he conned them into buying for him, or for his extra hours. He knows where all the drug dealers live and refuses to do anything about it, hell he has one living in his house with him and the child I raised as my own for six years. I'm not allowed to see the baby, because I am mad, but he can live with a drug dealer? I honestly think that Polo should drop random drug tests on him cuz he will tell anyone that he loves to smoke pot. And now he is running with a bunch of bikers? People Please!!! Wake up and look at what you actually have as a cop in that town. He is only using his badge to get to the gutter skanks. Oh and by the way, he told his BACA group that I was just crazy and none of this has happened? I have absolute proof of everything I have just said. He tells the skanks that I just don't want to believe that we are over? Please, I wouldn't take that nasty lying abusive piece of shit back if he was on his knees and begging now. I'm afraid that id he was bleeding to death in front of me, I would stand there and watch. I know it sounds weird, but yes I am still completely in love with him. My heart and soul will always be with him, but I am living by my head now, and my head says.......move on, there is definitely something better out there. I am just sitting back and waiting and watching him bring about his own demise now like he always does. Good luck to this new skank, I hope and pray you don't have any kids of your own because the way he treated my girls? That is the same exact thing he did to the one before me, I just didn't catch on quick enough because i was blinded by what I felt for him. Hell one of the things he brought in was a convicted child pornographer, she did it to her own kids and he was with her and wanted to stay with her, with his son, my baby in the house. So be prepared for anything. He thinks he is invincible since he has that badge.